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100 Short Stories in 100 Days? Am I nuts?

My wife is the best. She really is. Every time I think that I am hip to what is going on, she punches me in the face with some real knowledge. Last year's NaNoWriMo triumph, resulting in a whole new book written in one month? Yeah, that's because she told me about it. And now? Well, she has set me on another arduous adventure!

The 100 Day Project is probably nothing new to most people on the interwebz. But for me, the man who pays attention to literally nothing... ever... I was surprised at it's existence; surprised and intrigued. The story, as I remember it, goes something like this...

ME: derp derp derp, beer beer beer, writing nerd stuff, boobs.

WIFE: Hey, gorgeous and amazing husband of mine, there is this cool project where you create something new everyday for 100 days. You should totally do it. I am doing mandalas. Lucas is doing lego spaceships.

ME: Tell me more.

WIFE: No, that's pretty much it.

ME: Excellent.

Eeeeeeeeeend scene.

So, based on another of my loving and beautiful wife's suggestions, I have decided to write one story a day for 100 days straight. I'm doing all the stories over on Wattpad, which is this incredible website for writers and readers alike, you should really check it out. (FREE BOOKS!!!) So you can head over, sign up, follow me, and read each new story as soon as I post it. FOR FREE. I love it.

Because I am such a super nerd, and because I love dwarves above all other fantasy races, I have decided to create a collection of intertwined short stories all involving the dwarves on the planet of Asa-thor, in the dwarven kingdom of Kelgrond. Some stories will be adventure heavy, others will be dialogue driven, and others still will be straight up weird. But they will all feature dwarves and dwarven things, so my heart is happy. Write what you want to read, amirite?

So anyway, you can find my awesome short story collection, The Gods That Keep Them, right here. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Share with your friends and family, too! And don't forget, I'm doing this thing for ONE HUNDRED DAYS. I am more than likely going to need your support and encouragement to achieve this goal. Feel free to leave positive comments on the stories and be plentiful with the "atta boys" and "go get ems" ok? Thank you for being a friend.

P.S. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, too! So many adventures on so much social media. You don't want to miss any of it, really. It's all going to be fun-filled frolic.

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