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NaNoWriMo Blues

Last November I finally undertook the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge, which is to write a novel during the month of November that is at least 50,000 words in length. And I completed that challenge about a week and a half before the deadline. The novel ended up being around 60k words, and I was super excited about it.

"Fight Without a Sword" is the story of two dwarves, one a burly warrior with two mighty hammers and the other a young sorcerer who holds the most powerful spell in the world within him. The book opens on them saving their kingdom in a last ditch battle at the end of a long war with a race of creatures called the Helvete Faen. On the long march back to their kingdom's capitol in the mountain, these two dwarven males fall in love with each other. Same sex relationships are strictly forbidden in dwarven society, and though they just saved the entire race of dwarves on planet Brenna, the king has no choice but to banish these two heroes for going against the laws of the ancestors.

The book deals with being an outsider for no reason other than the archaic beliefs of other people. Braka and Strond, the two lovers, go on an adventure that has them meeting others who also have been exiled by their own people; some humans from Earth, and an oddly familiar looking creature from a planet even closer to Brenna. Using an ancient form of transport that takes them to the stars and beyond, Braka and Strond find a strange kind of family in these new friends, but then are forced to return home and make a very hard choice... do they save the dwarven homeland again? Or do they let them fend for themselves after the way they treated the two heroes before?

I'm totally in love with this story, and it is SO MUCH DAMN FUN. But I've been struggling with the last three chapters. I have them done, but I don't like them. I can't seem to motivate myself to fix them, either. I won't let a single beta reader touch it until I'm happy. Call me stubborn, but that's my rule. So, here I sit, cursing my government for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement. Wait, that's just song lyrics... but really, I sit here staring at the file while trying to think of a way to fix these chapters. Meanwhile, I have two book ideas that are trying desperately to claw their way out of my head, a short story / novella that I already started writing (and it is freaking cool), and I need to get busy on the sequel for Storm in Shanghai, my first published book (buy it here!)

Anyway, that is where I'm at right now. Just hearing a harmonica play a sad blues riff every time I think about the book that NaNoWriMo motivated me to create, and how guilty I feel for it still not being "done."

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