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Legoland Malaysia!

Legoland Selfie Fail

Yes, that is a Legoland selfie fail brought to you by the magical fingers of J.M. Bush - author extraordinaire, blogger, beer enthusiast, sci-fi fantasy geek, and selfie master.

The problem having so many vacations here in Malaysia is that we just can't afford to jet set around the world as much anymore because 1) we have an extra seat to buy now with Jonas having turned 2 years old, and 2) we get paid much less in this country. Which is fine most of the time, as things here are cheap, but that means international travel is pretty much a once a year thing... or maybe twice a year. So this most recent break, the April break, Easter break, Qingming Jie... whatever you feel like calling it... we decided to keep it local. We took a short 1 hour flight down to Johor Bahru, just across the causeway from Singapore but still in Malaysia, and visited LEGOLAND! Of course, this was way more costly than if we had just taken the train to Thailand for a week, but we're not that smart financially, regardless of our situation. Plus, the kids wanted to go so badly that we just had to make it happen.

So, we dropped the big cash, got a deluxe pirate suite with a separate room for the boys, which included a bunkbed and a treasure chest that required the solving of some puzzles to open. Such a very cool adventure for us and the kids. The rides were fun, and there is a waterpark onsite as well, so we got to take part in the water slides, wave pool, and lazy river. We saw a live action Ninjago lego show, and watched a 4D Lego Movie short film with the villain being Lord Business's brother, Risky - who was voiced by Patton Oswalt.

The onsite restaurant was pretty amazing but super expensive. It was a great buffet with incredible choices from Asia and back home. Plus, it was one of the few times I got to have some beer at Legoland, as it is a family resort in a Muslim country, so beer is not plentiful. The real winner on that buffet was the chili crab. I ate so much of it that afterward I grew an exoskeleton and tasted delicious when licked. Wait, what? Never mind.

Overall it was a great trip and I regret nothing! We can be rich in our next life. As for this one, I want to adventure and have fun with my family.

P.S. Malaysia is hot. We know this. We live here. But DAAAAAAANG it was hot at Legoland. 128 degrees fahrenheit!

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