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They're Gonna Put Me Behind Bars

I’m going to jail.

Well, I will probably go to jail, that is. Clarification is important when talking about time served behind bars. You see, I haven’t done anything wrong yet. I’m following the examples set forth by the people of Malaysia. I am a guest in their country, and as such feel that it is my responsibility to do and act in a way similar to their own. In this way, I show respect for their culture, and prove that I’m not just here to visit. I’m here to become one of them, if not forever then at least for the time that I remain within these borders.

So, when I drive my car down the left side of the road, and with my steering wheel on the right side of the car (both opposite from how I’ve driven for 20 years), I match the… skills… shown to me by the native people of my new city and country.

We drive on the middle of the line, no matter what. Multiple lanes? Middle of the line. Only one lane? Middle of the line. Scooter comes flying by us, we move towards it. Car tries to pass us, we move towards it. We fly at mach speeds around cliffs and winding roads, and putter to an almost stop at straightaways. Is there a narrow, tiny, almost imperceptible break in traffic? We drive through it to go down the wrong side of the road just to enter a parking lot. Is someone pushing a large corrugated metal roof with four wheeled posts down the middle of the road in order to cover their street market stall? We drive under it, we don’t wait for them to get across the street.

So, when I come back to America, borrow my dad’s truck, and drive like this... forgetting everything I ever learned in America about driving safely…

I’m going to jail.

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