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Yes, that’s right another blog. I’ve started a few, and kept them going for a while before they all eventually sputtered to an abrupt halt. And with my now writing once a week for the online magazine Thursday Review (find links to my articles here), and also working full time on writing novels that will hopefully one day be published, and even taking the NaNoWriMo challenge this year of writing a 50k word novel during the month of November… with all of that it is probably hard to imagine that I’d have time to start a new blog and create consistent content. But the thing is…

I’ve got more to say.

There is more I want to talk about than the travels and adventures I had during my time in China. There is more I need to discuss than wizards, mages, robots, dwarves, spaceships, and so on. The question I asked myself was: Where do I say this stuff?

Right here, is the answer.

I’m going to take to this blog anytime I have a bone to pick with some current idiocy in my life or the news. I’ll hit the keyboard running if I’ve had a shitty day. If my kids won’t stop screaming and I want nothing more than to guzzle a gallon of beer and jump off the balcony… this blog shall be my escape. I promise to not be boring. I promise to keep things funny, but to always be me and say what I want to say.

Some of my lovely friends and family will enjoy my opinions and cheer gleefully at these words. Others will boo and disagree with me. Strangers in distant lands like India, Turkmenistan, or Iowa may find my messages enlightening. Mystics from tribal zones like Papua New Guinea, Namibia, or Toronto may find me scary and flee at the sight of my beard and flab.

Either way I’m going to write what I want to write, when I want to write it. Please check back often, as I plan on being highly prolific as long as I have a keyboard in front of me, breath in my lungs, and beer in my diet. If you’re on one of my social media sites, don’t worry… I’ll be sharing the hell out of every single blog post… just for you. So in the meantime I will continue to eat good food, play good music, write what I want to read, and travel the world. You should too.

Until next time,

Day day up, y’all.

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