J.M. Bush is the author of the urban fantasy novel, Storm in Shanghai, and the science fiction love story, Between the Lanterns. He began writing fiction in high school, but based on the negative reaction and mocking comments from an adult to one of his stories, J.M. lost confidence in his ability to write. He did not begin crafting new worlds again until March of 2015 - almost twenty years after he quit believing in himself.


James Michael Bush was born in Albany, GA, but only because there were no hospitals in the town where his parents lived - Colquitt, GA. Not long after, his family moved to Dothan, AL, where J.M. was raised from the age of four years old, and thus considers himself to be a native of that city.


In 2001 he married the love of his life, and they spent many years happily living in San Diego, CA and then later in Atlanta, GA. Then one day an opportunity arose and J.M. moved to China with his wife and their three-year-old son. In China, he played in a punk rock band and rediscovered his love for writing. Eventually, J.M. began writing online articles about traveling for the magazine Thursday Review. While living in Shanghai, they added to their family with a second son.

After spending four years living and working in Shanghai, China from 2011-2015, J.M. moved to Penang, Malaysia with his wife and two sons, where they currently reside. He still writes articles for the magazine, while also continuing to write science fiction and fantasy stories.









The stories J.M. writes tend to come from a place of vulnerability and always seem to center around being on the outskirts; such as being an expat surrounded by the local people who are always staring at you and seemingly judging you, or stories dealing with being in a same-sex relationship and being shamed for it, or tales of being immersed in a tech-addicted emotionless culture when all you want is some personal human interaction. All of these themes show up in his stories but are surrounded by sci-fi and/or fantasy elements. This creates a unique platform perfect for telling a good story while also presenting moral lessons, but avoids being soapbox-standing, in-your-face lecturing to give that message.

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