The Long Corridor: Expats living in China must adapt to a new culture and all the strange differences that come with it... including public pooping.

Seven Treasures: The Grand Canal not only created an easier means of transporting goods and people from north to south China, it also brought about water towns. Which one is the best near Shanghai?

J. M. Bush

Finding the Right Aunt: A housekeeper in China, known as an Ayi, is more than just a maid. They can become part of your family, and you a part of theirs, if you play your cards right.

Remove Your Shoes: The streets of China are not clean. You have to take your shoes off before entering the house, and here is why...

This collection contains articles I've written for the online magazine, THURSDAY REVIEW, for which I am a frequent contributor on a freelance basis. Most of the articles deal with international travel and living in China. In the future, these stories and more will be compiled into a travel memoir. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted on the status of this book! Just check back here often!

The Giant: The story of how I felt being fat and tall in China, and how that inspired me to eat healthier and lose weight.

Thank the Lord for Ice Cream: Traveling the world with kids isn't easy. Here are (what I imagine) my oldest son's thoughts on the subject are.

The Magical Power of Beer: My punk rock band travels to Qingdao, the home of beer in China, and experiences firsthand the mystical power of liquid magic.

Pockets of Heaven: Among the infinite food options available in the Middle Kingdom, one item stands out to most foreigners as identifiable and delicious. DUMPLINGS.

Happy Valley: My family and I visit a land as dismal as Banksy's vision, and just as full of Disney ripoffs. Oh, and pumpkins.

Bugging Out: In Asia, you'll often find bugs on the menu, but don't be afraid! The memories last longer than the bad taste in your mouth. 

SPECTRE: I WROTE A MOVIE REVIEW! First time ever doing this, and it's about the man with the shaken martini... Bond... James Bond, in his newest flick.

Ah, Grasshopper: Frogs from Hell, hugging squirrels, socializing birds, and crickets that go to war. CHINA!

Ice and Beer: In the frozen north of China, my wife and I experience Russians, good beer, boiling hot cola, and a house made of ice.

Christmas in China: The Yuletide season is less commercialized in China, so as a parent it is up to you. You have to make the holidays special for you and your kin.

The Force Awakens: As a lifelong fan of Star Wars, even naming my two kids after a couple of characters from the series, I explain my feelings on the new addition.

Ghost Farming: A modern farm in China that uses cutting edge techniques either needs the Ghostbusters or a PR firm, because things are spooky there.

6 Degrees of Me: Making new friends while traveling the world is fun, and even more so when they get you one step closer to Kevin Bacon.

Eaten by Tigers: Despite the safety measures in place at the Tiger Kingdom, read how I was almost eaten by the tigers in Thailand.

Orange Chicken: China has some amazing cuisines and delectable dishes, but there is one item I can't find and it's the only thing I really want.

All the Tea in Chengdu: There is more to see and do in the home of Sichuan cuisine than just sweat and hold a panda. How about some tea picking?

Scared as KL: Tourism in the age of terrorism. If the threat level is raised, should we still go? Find out why we did.

Shengsi Fog: This island was supposed to be sunny, happy, full of life and resplendent with great food! What the hell happened? Wait, what is the off-season?

Ready Player One Review: I review Ernest Cline's debut novel about a virtual reality video game that has the entire world in its grasp, and the competition to own it

Thaipusam is brutal: This Hindu festival is one of my favorite cultural experiences to date, but it is not for the faint of heart.