Crowd-sourced writing experiment where a group of authors write a story without an outline or even talking to each other. 

J.M. Bush authored Part 19

An intertwined collection of short stories with one thing in common: DWARVES. On the planet of Asa-thor, dwarves rule the kingdom of Kelgrond.

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Article on JM Bush

The Local, a newspaper in Dothan, Alabama, does a nice write up about JM and his debut novel.

The Reading Rose interviews J.M. Bush about his life and his debut novel, Storm in Shanghai

A podcast interview with the good people at The Wiregras Local, discussing J.M. Bush's life, writing, punk rock history, and his debut novel.

Matthew Toffolo with Novel Writing Festival asks J.M. Bush some questions about his debut novel that deal with theme and tone, but also gets a little more personal.

J.M. Bush's hometown newspaper, The Dothan Eagle, does a short piece on the release of his debut novel, Storm in Shanghai.

MM Leonard does a review of the first 1000 words of Storm in Shanghai, using a rating system of 0 to 5 Red Pandas. J.M. Bush's debut novel scores an impressive 4/5 and earns some high praise.

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